When will that “dust repellent paper” come out?

3 02 2008

I’m not thinking so much about paper though, but computer covers.

I remember when I (my parents) got my first computer in 1998. It was a huge investment ($2,500 at Best Buy!), it was top of the line (for about a month or so), and it was good looking (for the time). With the computer, they purchased some “dust covers” that were supposed to go over it.

It was three pieces, and each was made of some heavy, translucent plastic. There was a cover for the monitor, one for the keyboard, and one for the actual CPU. I guess the idea was to put the cover over the components when I wasn’t using it, because on the packaging it had a strict warning NOT to keep the covers on when in use.

Kind of like the warnings on those sun shades for car windshields that say “DO NOT OPERATE VEHICLE WHEN SHADE IS IN PLACE.

The thing is, there is NO WAY you could use the computer when the covers were on. You couldn’t see through the monitor cover, or the keyboard cover for that matter.

The other problem (which is actually a two separate problems) concerned the CPU cover. First, this was back in the day when monitors still sat on top of the CPU (Some do, but its not so common anymore). The cover was just supposed to slip over the CPU, ignoring the fact that the monitor was sitting on top. There was no slit or anything to account for the rather wide monitor base. Second, the computer I got was one of the first tower units, and there weren’t even any covers out on the market for towers yet.

So, I had a cover for the monitor and keyboard, and a piece of plastic that I could throw away.

My parents were quite annoyed that the cover would not fit over the tower unit, and they were double annoyed when I had to place the tower on the floor because the computer desk we purchased the same day did not really have a place for the tower, as it was designed when monitors sat atop CPU’s.


Anyway, we figured out that I could use the keyboard cover on top of the tower, because it fit perfectly, covering the top as well as 1 – 2 inches of the upper rim. The monitor cover worked, but it was such a pain in the ass to put it on and take it off that after a while (a week) I just stopped using it. After all, this was back when monitors had tubes in them and were rather bulky, and the cover was a bit tight.

If my parents saw that the computer was off and uncovered, I got yelled at.

If the computer was on and I wasn’t sitting in front of it, I got yelled at.

Does anybody still use these covers? Are they even for sale anymore? Who turns off their computer when they are not using it? Nobody. You just let it go to standby or hibernate or some other power saving mode. If it’s a laptop, you just shut it and it essentially becomes dust proof.

I looked online for some covers, and I found this and this.

As you can see, the first site is for “heavy industrial use,” which makes sense I suppose.  Who has the space in their garage to NOT keep the computer on top of the table saw.

The second site makes custom covers, which are rather stylish of course. It also has those skin tight keyboard covers that you can use while its in place, which is rather logical since keyboards do accumulate hair, crumbs, and whatever else falls between the cracks.  Have you ever cleaned a keyboard?  It can get pretty nasty.

It also has a cover that completely goes over the old school monitor, CPU, and keyboard, which is great if thats how you have things set up.

I’m still wondering though, does anybody actually cover computers at home? I’m sure at some offices and other work places there are probably rules that require computers to be covered after the work day, as they are property of the business etc.

But at home? Forget that shit, let the cat take a nap right by the exhaust fan as you shell peanuts over the keyboard.




5 responses

4 02 2008

Hmmm. Weird. I just found one of these “covers” in the spare room when we cleaned it out this weekend. I think it may be for a printer or something….not sure. Anyhow, I draped it over my sewing machine. go see.

4 02 2008
Joe Drinker

I remember those things. God forbid I forgot to turn off the monitor and put the cover on it. It was on par with putting a baked potato covered in foil in the microwave.

4 02 2008

Wait…Corinne actually took her sewing machine out of the box?!

7 02 2008

Apparently, computers have dust allergies.

14 02 2008

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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