No really, give me your honest opinion…

20 02 2008

    I just got off the phone with one of my future (Today at 5pm, to be exact) student’s mother.  She was a sweet lady, and she spoke very highly of her son.  However, she felt it was necessary to “warn” me that her son is “So brilliant that he’s stupid.”

I know exactly what she means, as I often have students of that same nature.  But for a mother to admit something like that to a total stranger strikes me as somewhat odd.

I’m sure I would have come to the same conclusion anyway.

So where have I been lately?

Sitting right where I am now, only with a bit less spare time.

Damn you Warcraft III!

School is moving along somewhat quickly, too quick in fact.  Before I know it I’ll have 20 or so pages of writing to turn in, and finals, and all that other school related nonsense.
I decided yesterday to apply for the teaching credential program.  Well, I decided years ago to do it, but I actually made the effort to obtain the application yesterday.

Little did I know that the deadline is April 1st.  Not a big deal, as thats over a month away.  However, I need to get some letters of recommendation, get myself fingerprinted (Live Scan, for those of you in the know), get a TB skin test, make sure my immunizations are up to date, have two separate interviews with different people, somehow get copies of my transcripts from Scottsdale Community College from 1998-1999, write a page or two essay about why I want to teach (as well as other bullet points that need to be covered), attend an hour and a half orientation class, and acquire a manila envelope for my fourteen page application and all the above mentioned documents.

What’s weird is that I had to do less to enlist in the Navy.  Although getting out was a pretty similar process to what I just mentioned.  I think that’s why people stay in the military for more then four years.  They must be either to dumb, busy, or impatient to finish the exiting process.




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20 02 2008

Man I don’t remember having to do all that stuff to get in the credential progam…As far as having to right an essay about why i want to be a teacher. Or maybe I did and I just blocked it out. It has been 5 years

20 02 2008

*Write…not right…lol

23 02 2008
Joe Drinker

Hmmm. Wondering where you went.

Warcraft, eh? That stuff just takes over you life, doesn’t it?

25 02 2008

Hmmmm…sounds like fun. I’m glad I decided not to finish that silly education degree I was working on. I mean why would I want an actual career anyway? Congrats on being almost graduated. I told Corinne you guys should come down here to celebrate. Or maybe I said I would go up there. I’m not good at remembering stuff. Either way I’ll probably see you sometime to say congratulations in person.

26 02 2008

I’m sort of at a compromise with Warcraft right now. Last semester I deleted the whole thing at the start so I wouldn’t waste time on it. This time I kept it on with the intent of having a particular waste of time with which to distract my mind from the work I have to do.

So far, I’m just as busy and stressed as I was last semester, except now I can play the game.

26 02 2008

I am so damn tired of my husband playing I gave him the ultimatum, it was either me or WoW, he chose WoW.
He now pees in a small bag attached to his waist.

hehe j/k

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