Restriction gave me a cyst, Part III

22 03 2008

And now, on to the cyst.

I noticed an “abnormality” where the cyst was about a week before I went on restriction for the last time, right before I got out of the Navy in June 2003.

This abnormality would cause a sensation of discomfort when I sat down on a hard backed chair, which was just about the only type of chair available on a ship.  Also, when I laid down in my rack (or an empty rack), I noticed that my lower back would ache.  By lower back I mean the spot right above where my ass crack starts its way southward.  By “ache” I mean it felt tight, kind of like how one of those huge under the skin pimples will feel before it comes to a head.

I was not willing to accept that it was one of those huge under the skin pimples, as it was absolutely huge and on my lower back.   Also, I have had problems with my erector spinae in the past, so I figured it was just that manifesting in a different form.

Eventually, it got to the point where it hurt all the time, so I went and saw a doctor.  Well, not a doctor, but THE doctor, the only one on my small ship.

He poked and felt around the area a bit, and concluded that I had a pilonidal cyst.  I guess he knew exactly what it was because it was fairly common among military personnel.  Check this link to read what I mean.  Doc told me to come back after it busted open, which I was not looking forward to, as it had slowly grown to about the mass of a large lemon.

At this point, I was already on restriction.  I was doing some actual extra duty work, stripping and waxing a small passageway on the 01 level.  As you can imagine, stripping and waxing requires a lot of bending over and crouching down.  As I was working, I was thinking how bad this must be for the cyst.

Sure enough, at one point I stood up and felt some sort of liquid oozing down into my ass.  I imagine it is like what a pregnant woman experiences when her water breaks.

I went to a bathroom, stripped off my coveralls, and witnessed a rather surprising amount of green and red puss bubbling out of my lower back.  I then went down to Medical and had them summon Doc, as it was about 7 or 8 at night.

He was not happy that he got called in after hours (we were out at sea, by the way, so it’s not like he had something better to do), but he was delighted that he was about to do surgery on his first pilonidal cyst.

Stay tuned…




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