Major Choice Made, Life Will Get Better Now

1 04 2008

Yesterday afternoon, I went ahead and joined the Army National Guard.

I know I decided that it was a bad idea, but I realized that things are not going to get any better in my life unless I commit myself to something greater.

So instead of going to school today, I went up to MEPS in Sacramento for processing. Thursday, I’m leaving for New Mexico to attend a five week mini-boot camp, then after that I’ll be in Virginia for 27 weeks at Avionics school.

I know I should have waited to finish the semester, but I figured a degree would be rather pointless if I’m deployed in Iraq for half the year anyhow. The extra combat pay I will allow us to live for the other 6 months.

Also, I haven’t told Corinne yet, so I suppose this is how she’ll find out. I’m expecting her phone call any time after I publish this.

So, I’ll see everybody in about 6 months when I get back from Virginia.

Oh, and tell Corinne’s Grandmother “Happy Birthday” for me.




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1 04 2008


1 04 2008


2 04 2008
Joe Drinker

Oh….now I understand your Twitter post. Too bad I read this too late. Good call.

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