Men > Women

9 04 2008

Below are some amusing quotes from this guys website. Read and be enlightened.

“Of course, just like any other time a woman opens her mouth, she doesn’t have any fucking clue what she’s talking about. She’s right only because women vomit words from their mouths with such a frequency that eventually she has to be right, even though she’s probably contradicting something she’s just said, or possibly jibbering in a language she doesn’t know.”

“Women hate money. That’s why they spend it as quickly as possible. That’s also why they can’t save it. They’re afraid of it. And that’s especially why women don’t fight for a raise in the workplace. They hate money and also they’re cowardly.”

“Besides, if you make it your business to correct every feminine fuckup you encounter in any average day, you’ll quickly find yourself exhausted, hen pecked until you can hear the indignancy in your sleep, and probably bald or impotent. No thanks.”

“Men don’t spend their days idly imagining horrible shit.”




5 responses

9 04 2008
Funny Videos

LOL, thats funny! btw nice post! cheers

I laughed so much! lOLOL thats some good stuff!

9 04 2008
Corinne - wife of the loser who posts this shit


9 04 2008

Was wondering what Corinne would write 😉

9 04 2008

Corinne said “shit.”

10 04 2008

I am sad to say that some of these quotes are true in some form…Like the last quote…Corinne and I do spend 45% of our life imaging horrible things that could happen to us…Let me correct that I spend probably 65%
And I know the First quote Jason truly believes…

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