Whats wrong with Japan?

16 04 2008

For Japan supposedly being full of intelligent people, they, as a nation, do some of the dumbest shit sometimes.

I have heard about guys that get paid to cram people onto Tokyo subways, but it didn’t occur to me how crazy that was until I actually saw it happening.

No wonder Japanese youth culture is so crazy…look at what they are distancing themselves from.

How do they see this kind of thing is normal? They pay at least 5 guys to cram people into the cars. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just remove all the seats since 90% of the people are standing anyway? For that matter, why not just attach another car at the end and save themselves from dishing out five salaries?

It’s not even the personal space issue. I can deal with that. Its the fact that they have attendants to push people onto the train. These videos almost piss me off.

How can Japan be so smart with it comes to technology and food, yet be so dumb when it comes to transportation?

Yes, I think I’m pissed about this.

Oh yeah, here comes the rage.

Those dogs are getting punted across the living room when I get home.




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