Why 2020?

17 04 2008

Yeah, and we’ll also be living on the moon and driving hover cars. Whatever.

Personally, I like using a real keyboard. It’s called feedback. When I press a key, I know I pressed it. I can hear the clicking. It is what is letting me know I’m hitting the right keys. Yes, sometimes I know I hit the wrong key by sound alone.

Also, I prefer using a mouse. I cannot stand track pads, track balls, or any other lame mouse alternative.

About the only thing I I’ve found that is comparable to a mouse is the touch screen interface on iPhones or the iPod touch. The downside to those is typing on the flat surface, and of course the buttons are tiny, smaller then any appropriate typing appendage on my body.

And why do they predict 2020? Why not 2019 or 2018? Hell, in Back to the Future II they probably had stuff like that. For that matter, why can’t I watch 12 channels at once yet? Am I to believe that between now and 2015 technology is going take gigantic leaps and bounds?

And what’s the deal with Mr. Fusion? What’s stopping people from stuffing babies or small animals into that thing? It’s the perfect crime.




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