Chocolate and Bacon…can it be eaten for breakfast?

13 05 2008

At Whole Foods recently I stumbled upon this:

And I was actually at the real Whole Foods, I don’t mean to imply that I Stumbled Upon a Whole Foods website.

Anyway, chocolate and bacon? Sure, why not. So I got one.

Do you know how you can suck on a chocolate covered almond or peanut and strip it of all it’s chocolate coating? Well if you don’t know how that works, lets just say it leaves the exposed almond or peanut (it works with raisins too, by the way) in your mouth.

You can do the same with this chocolate covered bacon. If you strip away the chocolate, you’ll find little shreds of bacon. Otherwise, you really don’t taste the applewood smoked bacon when it’s combined with the chocolate.

Overall, it’s definitely a chocolate bar with bacon inside it. Nothing crazy to report about it. It’s not like “WHOA BACON OMG WTF LOL!” It’s more like “Hey, there’s some bacon in this chocolate bar…not like a lot of bacon, but yeah, I can definitely detect the essence of bacon.”

The most bacon-like experience I had was afterwards, when I found a piece of bacon wedged between my lip and gum on the right side towards the back of my mouth. It was a pleasant bacon treat a few minutes afterwards.

I would imagine that this would provide a more bacon-like experience:

Anybody know who or where “**RINI’S” is?

So is Mo’s Bacon Bar worth $7.50? I would say not. It might make an interesting gift for a hardcore chocolate aficionado (or a bacon aficionado, if there is such a thing), but otherwise you can simulate the experience by getting a small bit of bacon (maybe a Bacon Bit…do they still make those?) and eating it with a piece of chocolate.

Next: It’s time for S’Mores.




3 responses

13 05 2008
Joe Drinker

Um, there is nothing about that blend that makes me want to taste it. Weird, because normally I love both of them.

14 05 2008

I agree with JD. Not something I’m dying to try although I can see how one might be interested in trying it. But $7.50???

21 06 2008

According to Dlisted it is a store called Marini’s in Santa Cruz, though I could not find the chocolate-covered-bacon on their site.

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