Hard Times

14 05 2008

I’m driving down Blackstone Avenue, heading to downtown Fresno. I’m stopped at a red light on Olive Avenue, in the center lane.

A black Suburban, all chromed out, with some fancy looking rims stops next to me on my right. He is about 3 car lengths away from the car in front of him.

My radio is on pretty loud, and the guy tries to get my attention.

I turn down the volume, and the guy asks if I want “surround sound for my house.”

I say “No, thanks” and drive off, as the light has turned green while the guy was shouting his question to me.

Whats funny is that the guy was white, clean cut, and wearing a golf shirt.

Maybe its either sell his surround sound, or pawn his rims.

On the other hand, I’m sure it costs like $100 to fill up his gas tank at this point. Maybe he was on his way to the gas station down the street and needed some cash.




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