My next tattoo

29 05 2008

UPDATE:  By the way, this tattoo is totally roadhousian.




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29 05 2008

You should totally do it.

29 05 2008

I’m one whiskey sour away, trust me.

1 06 2008

Sorry, that tattoo is far from Roadhousian.

You see, that is a depiction of the SNL skit, not Road House.

1 06 2008

You are correct, that particular tattoo is based on an SNL sketch.

Sketch, by the way, is the correct term. “Skit” is the word humorless people use to describe what are actually sketches. It is “sketch comedy,” not “skit comedy.”

And anything involving Patrick Swayze that totally kicks ass can be roadhousian, not just things directly related to the movie Roadhouse.

Also, the term “SNLian” does not exist as far as I know, so I chose the more accepted “roadhousian.”

2 06 2008

I have to agree with you Jason on your defending of the term “roadhousian”. What I can’t agree with is the tattoo artist’s choice of depiction on Swayze’s face. It may be a bit silly to argue this tattoo with the centaur-Chip and Dale gettup and not to mention the rainbow helix. You’d think they’d use a less “Special Olympics” facial expression for Patrick Swayze.

3 06 2008
Joe Drinker

That’s wrong on so many levels.

3 06 2008
John P


Pancreatrick Swayzataur [pan-krea-trik Swa-za-tar] (n) – Part Centaur, ALL Swayze. Godspeed P.S.

R.I.P. Farley

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