Google Street View

25 06 2008

Of all the coincidential shit to go down, this tops them all.

If you look at the Google Street View of my house, you’ll notice that my work vehicle is parked at the curb and my Jeep isn’t in the carport.

I’m not about to give out my address or a link, but if you know where I live you can check it out yourself.

What sucks is that this can prove I was NOT out with a student, but at home screwing around.  I’m assuming my boss does not spy on us via Google Street View, so I’m in no real danger of unemployment.  Hell, I’ve been violating the dress code right in front of him for the last three weeks, and he hasn’t said anything (I’m wearing open toed sandals to work, not sporting a nipple ring)

Anyway, this means that the Street View picture was taken on a specific day last summer.  That was the Friday that I had to drive my Jeep to work in the morning (as the Matrix was in the shop and my loaner car was reclaimed by its owners).

That day was also the last time I really drove the Jeep, because it was the day that the radiator blew out and I had to have it towed back home, where it has sat until a few months ago when we test drove it after installing a new starter (and not fixing the radiator, by the way).

So if I really wanted to, I could find out what day that was from the towing receipt.  Do I have the motivation to dig through stuff and investigate?  Absolutley not.

Wait, I remember now;  I was home around noon, playing Tropico, and a dark cloud overtook the street.  There were bright lights flashing from within the center as it moved silently and slowly from north to south.  That must have been the Googles.


My New Favorite Beer

24 06 2008

I’m sure some of you have seen Phuket Beer at your local expensive food depots.  I got my six pack from Trader Joe’s in Fresno.  The name, of course, is what draws most people over to investigate.  Phuket (pronounced “Foo-Ket”) Lager Beer is by far, one of the most refreshing beers I have ever had.  It’s rather smooth, barely bitter, and overall a great drink.  It’s not expensive, being about the price of Coors Light or Budweiser per six pack.    I enjoyed my first Phuket today after a session of yardwork.  Maybe it was the overall refreshing factor involved in drinking a beer after working outdoors that made me like it so much.  However, I’m sure it would have tasted great either way.

Also, it’s 5% alcohol.  Can’t beat that.  Click on the bottle (if you haven’t already) to check out the Phuket website.

Equal Opportunity

15 06 2008

Gizoogle is the best thing ever.

Check out MRoDT after its been “translated.”

Amusing Video (for me)

10 06 2008

I’m just glad I’m not like any of those “instructors.” I have never had a kid pull some shit like that, and I certainly wouldn’t be screaming “FUCK IT! FUCK IT!” That guy cracks me up.

I wanna party with these monkeys!

5 06 2008

Totally got to vote for Obama

4 06 2008

If you’ll notice, Senator Obama is enjoying El Yucateco hot sauce. He’s got my vote.

Maybe he’s not using the hot sauce, but the fact that he found a taco joint with both the green AND red Yucateco makes him my hero.