Barefoot it is!

13 07 2008

Since going barefoot is somewhat commercially (and socially) unacceptable, I’ve had to compromise.  On a recent (like a month or two ago, but whatever) trip to San Diego, I purchased some good looking backless sandals.  I got them at some old-timey shoe shop in Old Town San Diego.  They had lots of leather shoe products, like cowboy boots, moccasins, and a variety of other lame stuff I would never wear.  Oddly enough, most of the stuff there was made in China, including the sandals I bought.  Maybe they were hand-made by Chinese children that earn 20 cents a day.  Maybe they were mass produced in a factory.  I’ll never know.

Anyway, since I got these sandals, they have been my number one pair of footwear.  While not ergonomically designed to mimic the bare foot experience, they have suitably kept my feet drier and consequently led to my soles getting thicker and tougher. On our recent holiday up in the mountains, I went mostly barefoot. Only rarely did I walk across a surface that required special attention (sharp gravel), and even more rarely did I have to stop and brush a thorn or other annoyance off the bottoms of my feet.

Therefore, if I continue wearing these sandals, eventually my feet will be tough enough to go barefoot all the time (unless I’m out at a place that requires footwear…so just about everywhere then).




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