Mark Bauerlein, I fart in your general direction!

25 07 2008

This guy is so full of himself.  First off, he’s an ENGLISH professor.  How does that qualify him to make such generalized comments about today’s youth?  Maybe if he was a sociology professor or a psychologist, but an English professor?

This guy has no clue what being young is like these days.  He claims that future generations are going to be screwed.  I agree with that, but not because of Facebook, MySpace, cell phones, and Blackberries (idiot).  There are plenty of individuals from my generation that are civic minded and aware of the world scene.  Just because not EVERYBODY is going to grow up to be a Senator or English professor does not mean that we should be labeled the “Dumbest Generation.”  Even among his generation of 50 somethings, there is a fair share of janitors, factory workers, general laborers, and other occupations necessary to make society functional.

In fact, I bet that of the people from his generation, most of them are NOT professors or doctors, and there are just as many middle age people running around drinking beer and smoking pot as there are in today’s generation.

I bet his problem is that he can’t see intelligent individuals among his students because they don’t stand out as being particularly of use to his own research on the Dumbest Generation.

And about his first comment, concerning Germany, Japan, Italy, and Russia…Italy was our ally at the latter part of WWII, so that answer should have also been acceptable along with Russia.  That test needs to have its construct validity challenged.




One response

20 02 2010
Louis Deletaille

I completely agree with everything you just said. Of course no teenager goes home after a long day at school and studies, we make our homework(most of us) and thats its, you are meant to learn things at school not at home in front of your computer. And when he says that social networking doesn’t help you learn anything, thats because teenager wants to chat and spent time together, and if you want to keep contact with your friends, even after class is over then you go on sites like Facebook because you can’t stay talking with your friends all the time. Maybe our generation isn’t dumb but his generation is a group of bad teachers 😛

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