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17 08 2008

I’m on it

9 08 2008

Where have I been lately?  Whats with the lack of posts?  What am I watching on television right?

Home, been busy, and “Kraken:  Tentacles of the Deep.”

Actually I’m rather ashamed for the lack of posts.  I’ve been unofficially unemployed for about 3 weeks now, and I’ve been just sitting at home.  What have I been doing at home?  A little bit of home improvement and a lot of gaming.

I suppose I could have been writing in those three weeks, but just sitting around isn’t the best way to inspire myself.

Unfortunately, the gaming I’ve been doing has involved World of Warcraft.  I got a free trial CD in the mail, and now I’m hooked.  Those guys at Blizzard Entertainment really know how to draw in customers.  It’s like that free sample of crack the dealer gives out; It works in the long run.

Although I haven’t actually paid a cent to Blizzard yet, I plan on keeping my WoW account eventually.  My trial is up either today or tomorrow, I’m not sure.

Why do I say “eventually?”  Because tomorrow Corinne, our friends Joe and Takisha, and myself will be going to Las Vegas until Friday.  I don’t think it would be proper to sit at a resort in Vegas playing World of Warcraft.

The following week, I’ll be in Arizona for my 10 year high school reunion.  As my parents do not have internet access, playing WoW there is not possible.  If I’m lucky, sometimes I can access one of their neighbors WiFi, but the only place I get signal is in the living room by the side window.

When I get back from that, I’ll be starting up school again, this time student teaching.  I will see how much time I am able to devote to my level 5 Night Elf Warrior or my level 10 Dwarf Hunter, and update my WoW subscription accordingly.

By the time this happens, maybe I’ll have become addicted to heroin or crystal meth or something.  It doesn’t interfere in your life as much as World of Warcraft.

Whilst in Vegas I may or may not be Twittering, it depends on how intoxicated I stay.  And I’m not sure if being drunk means more or less Twittering either.  We’ll see.

Funniest thing I’ve seen since I last posted something funny worth posting.

5 08 2008