8 months?

27 01 2009

Yes, eight months since the last post.  As I don’t have any truly dedicated readers, I didn’t think I was letting anybody down.

What have I been up to?  Top secret government things, of course.

I wish…sort of.

I’ve been student teaching.  All student teachers are told to not have an online personality, so that students or administrators are not exposed to what we really are.

That means put your MySpace on lock down, as well as Facebook.  Wouldn’t want the wrong people seeing those immoral pictures we all post there.

Also, anything I would want to write about is pretty much based on my life.  My life has been in various classrooms around town, which is off limits to the blogosphere.

Is that the proper context for that word?

Want to know something new?  We started letting our cats into the backyard recently.  I installed a cat door in the laundry room so they can sniff around the grass and try to climb the trees.  Tonight, our little explorer Mia found a missing board into the neighbors yard.  I went into their yard, and found a missing board into their other neighbors yard.  I went to the front of that house, and saw that they have no fencing into the front.  I’m not saying Mia is gone, but she is too curious and free spirited for her own good.  She is the type of cat that would chase a bug from here to China if there was a land route.

She’ll be back, if she is smart enough to jump back over….wait…she just wandered into the living room.  WTF?

Was she out in the neighborhood this whole time or just sitting behind something in the house? Was I worrying about nothing?  Did I talk a walk outside with a flashlight for no reason?

I fucking hate cats.




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