Take only what you need…

8 03 2009

Whats the deal with all these online pawn shops?  I’m talking about Cash 4 Gold, US Gold Buyers, Things We Buy, and so on.  Are people too lazy to go to a real pawn shop?  Is the economy that bad where people are needing to sell possessions like heirlooms and antiques in order to survive?


My theory is that something is preparing the nations lower middle class (and worse off) to be suddenly evacuated from their homes and sent to various “relocation” camps.  When these people are evacuated, they will be told to “take only what they need to survive.”  (Ever see Schindlers List?)

These people won’t have much to take with them as far as luxary items, because they will have already sold them off to pay their bills.  Makes things easier for them, and the Gestapo secret police government agents responsible for reclocating them.

Its a bit of a stretch, I know.  Maybe I’m just jealous because I don’t have anything worth selling for some quick cash.




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