Taco Grande

10 03 2009

I’m not of Mexican descent, despite what that one Greek guy told me (its a long story…lets just say I was in Greece and this guy trying to sell me gyros assumed I was Mexican…actually that’s the whole story, I guess its not that long after all).  Also, I have never been to Mexico.  San Diego is about the closest I’ve ever been so far.  So what qualifies me to critique Mexican food?  It’s not that I’m unqualified, I did already apply for my license to be a Mexican Food Critic , but its still being held in Sacramento (apparently my slight aversion to cilantro is creating some legal issues).  Until they issue me a temporary permit, I’ll have to be quick and discrete about my opinions concerning Mexican food.

Despite the risks (I’m pretty sure its a federal offense to critique food without the proper permits), I feel as though I need to tell you about Taco Grande.  I’m talking about the one on Kings Canyon and Clovis, but they are all the same (or so the owner told me, but since he owns all three in the area I would assume he knows best).  At Taco Grande, I had a burrito grande with carne asada, as well as a taco grande (also with carne asada).  I wasn’t going to go to Taco Grande and not have a taco grande, that wouldn’t seem right.

Here is why I highly recommend the food at Taco Grande:  You don’t have to think when you eat.

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I wanna party with these monkeys!

5 06 2008

Andre the Giant is my hero

27 09 2007

I was reading this article about Andre the Giant.  For obvious reasons, I now have a new respect for Fezzik.

Black Butte, Ducks, and more Beer: Part II

20 09 2007

When I stopped writing last time, we were starting the almost mile long walk to Autzen Stadium. I failed to mention what I was wearing though. I don’t actually own any Bulldogs merchandise, but I planned on wearing my yellow Fresno Grizzlies shirt to the game, so I could at least support my city.

The only problem was, it was a yellow shirt. Ducks colors are green and yellow. That might have been too confusing, even if that was my intention. Instead, that morning, we went to Kohls and purchased an Oregon Ducks tee-shirt. With the help of my trusty sharpies, I slightly modified it to suit our needs.

Now, this isn’t the best picture of me ever taken. Honestly, if I was a bitch, I would probably have deleted this picture because it makes me look so bad. You can’t even see my Coors Light or my American Spirit. Nevertheless, I did need a picture of myself with the shirt, because I knew I would be writing a blog about this whole event. So there it is.

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Return from the Great Southwest

26 08 2007

Saturday night I got back from Arizona.

And for those of you that don’t know, last Wednesday I went to Arizona.

I was in my parents bathroom Thursday morning, and I needed to use a baby wipe after doing whatever it is that makes you need to use one of those. Fortunately, they have two boxes available for use.

I opened the top box, and as I was reaching for a wipe, I thought about the words I saw on top of the lid. Something didn’t sit right. I closed the box and read the top again.

“Preparation H”

Good thing I can read.

Also, my parents have in their bathroom one of my Read the rest of this entry »

Pork Chop Sandwiches, Grenades, and “Special” Bartenders

20 08 2007

Wisconsin is truly one of this fine nations greatest tributes to alcoholism.

Never before have I been to such a place where the average citizen’s primary means of of acquiring beer, drinks, food, entertainment, and socialization comes from the corner bar, tavern, or pub.

If I were to move to Wisconsin, I would surely become an alcoholic.

Probably not though, because I wouldn’t go to meetings, so technically I would just be a “drunk.”

We started the night out with a place called Read the rest of this entry »

Checks, a plunger, and Yoo-Hoo.

18 08 2007

No, this isn’t a post about my adventures in Wisconsin. Somebody has yet to transfer the pictures from the camera to the computer, so I haven’t been able to publish anything concerning the Midwest.

Have no fear, those Wisconsin photos will be up soon.

Yesterday, when I got off work, I had two tasks I needed to accomplish before I was done for the day. I had to deposit my most recent series of student loan checks, and buy a toilet plunger for the house.

Both of these tasks created minor problems that had to be overcome before completion, the kind of minor problems that drive me crazy but would not even phase other people. Its just how I am.

Before the loan checks could be deposited, I had to Read the rest of this entry »