Don’t you hate when it’s been so long since logging on that the new interface confuses you?

7 05 2010

I have decided to resume doing this blog stuff again, but at a different site.  This specific blog will always exist, but this is the last post here for sure.


Sports Geek

13 05 2008

Emergency Party Button

9 05 2008

Some guy rigged his apartment up to a button which, when pushed, causes the dwelling to transform into the Roxbury. Pretty Cool.  Check out how he did it here.

If I had done this, my house would transform into a karaoke bar.

Maybe I shouldn’t study at all…

15 04 2008

I found out today that I got a 79% on this test.

It surprised me, thats for sure. I wonder what the people that actually understood the material scored.

Jumping the Gun

31 05 2007

You can now subscribe to this blog via an RSS feed or through email.

The links are on the top of the sidebar on the main page, in case you haven’t noticed.

Some of you would say: “Why bother?”

I agree. But it keeps you, the reader, from having to Read the rest of this entry »

Coincidence, I assure you

16 05 2007

In case you haven’t noticed, just about every picture of me features a yellow shirt. To clarify things, I have 3 yellow shirts, and most pictures of me are taken on the weekends when I Read the rest of this entry »

A new Home

13 05 2007

I have finally moved all these blogs from where my “other blog” was.  My audience over there was to limited I think.  No disrespect intended to the audience.