Reverend Minias

26 03 2009

For at least 20 minutes, Reverend Minias was stationed behind his pulpit. He was ranting and raving about eternal Hellfire, the condemnation of sinners, the death and resurrection of Jesus, and the roads that were paved with gold in Heaven. This was nothing unusual for this particular preacher, and he had given many similar sermons on many similar Sundays.

His congregation was the usual bunch; those that came every Sunday, those that came every now and then, and those that only showed up on holidays. Today was a holiday, Easter Sunday to be exact. Among those in the pews were children, adults, elderly individuals, and everything in between.

Towards the back of the Church a young couple was having a private conversation via electronic wireless methods Read the rest of this entry »


Dominion Pizza

17 03 2009

I have been to Italy and Sicily more times then I can remember.  Seriously, I lost count.  It’s at the point where I don’t get excited about going there anymore.

One thing I do enjoy while visiting the old country is the food.  Specifically, the pizza that is nothing like “American” pizza.  They are smaller and made to be eaten by one person.  They are not “personal” pizzas by any means, but the idea of ordering a large pepperoni and pineapple in Italy just seems blasphemous (and they won’t know what you’re talking about either, because they don’t use pineapple…or speak English).  And you can forget about dipping it in ranch dressing.  I do believe that will get you Read the rest of this entry »

Taco Grande

10 03 2009

I’m not of Mexican descent, despite what that one Greek guy told me (its a long story…lets just say I was in Greece and this guy trying to sell me gyros assumed I was Mexican…actually that’s the whole story, I guess its not that long after all).  Also, I have never been to Mexico.  San Diego is about the closest I’ve ever been so far.  So what qualifies me to critique Mexican food?  It’s not that I’m unqualified, I did already apply for my license to be a Mexican Food Critic , but its still being held in Sacramento (apparently my slight aversion to cilantro is creating some legal issues).  Until they issue me a temporary permit, I’ll have to be quick and discrete about my opinions concerning Mexican food.

Despite the risks (I’m pretty sure its a federal offense to critique food without the proper permits), I feel as though I need to tell you about Taco Grande.  I’m talking about the one on Kings Canyon and Clovis, but they are all the same (or so the owner told me, but since he owns all three in the area I would assume he knows best).  At Taco Grande, I had a burrito grande with carne asada, as well as a taco grande (also with carne asada).  I wasn’t going to go to Taco Grande and not have a taco grande, that wouldn’t seem right.

Here is why I highly recommend the food at Taco Grande:  You don’t have to think when you eat.

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Take only what you need…

8 03 2009

Whats the deal with all these online pawn shops?  I’m talking about Cash 4 Gold, US Gold Buyers, Things We Buy, and so on.  Are people too lazy to go to a real pawn shop?  Is the economy that bad where people are needing to sell possessions like heirlooms and antiques in order to survive?


My theory is that Read the rest of this entry »

Pick Me!

26 02 2009

I volunteer myself to help assist with the survival of the human race come 2012.  I believe I am highly qualified:

I have a degree in history, which will be important (for obvious reasons).

I am of suitable breeding stock (no genetic disorders) and breeding age (I will only be 32 years old in 2012).

Other qualifications:

Military experience.

Above average intelligence and problem solving skills.

Excellent ability to teach and instruct others.

And, of course, fearless in the face of danger (but mostly cocky to the point of bravery).

So if you’re reading this, Big Brother, don’t forget about me.

This guy is crazy.

25 07 2008

He makes some good points, but he’s a bit too eccentric for me to take seriously.

Maybe weight loss isn’t so important anymore…

22 05 2008