Of all the dumb crap to happen…

9 10 2009

It seems that I was unable to edit or post anything on this site because I had a link to some gold buying websites.  I wasn’t trying to make money, just link to the sites I was writing about.  Now that I broke those hyperlinks, I can resume blogging.

Also, it was not those violations of WordPress user agreements that has kept me from writing anything, it’s the long dreary summer I was going through.

Remember how I was going through the teacher credentialing program?  Last March I had to abandon that idea due to circumstances beyond my control.  Maybe they were not totally beyond my control, but either way the idea of me being any sort of legitimate school teacher is out of the question for now.

I spent nearly five months looking for work.  Any work.  Janitor, errand boy, pizza guy, etc.  Nobody was hiring.  I had a few promising interviews, but with so many people looking for jobs there was always somebody more qualified.  I’m not talking about interviews for janitor or pizza guy, but serious grown-up jobs that I am somehow capable of doing.

On top of the unemployment, I was dealing with some issues that only one of them expensive therapists could handle.  Issues mostly relating to my inability to perform as a teacher, something which I had spent the last 5 years of my life preparing for.  I was under the impression that I was a useless human being, a failure at life, etc.

Anyway, now that the worst is behind me, I feel much better about life again.  I have been substitute teaching in Coalinga (yes, that little town 70 miles from Fresno), and Corinne and I are preparing to move into a new apartment.  This apartment is bigger then our house, and the rent is $600 cheaper then our mortgage payment.

Take that faulty real estate market!

I’m not sure if there will be regular posts, weekly posts, or anything at all for that matter.  Maybe life isn’t as fun as it used to be.  Nobody want’s to hear about how I came home from work, had dinner, and went to bed at 8pm so I can get by 5am.  I know I wouldn’t want to hear about that sort of dreary existence.


Mark Bauerlein, I fart in your general direction!

25 07 2008

This guy is so full of himself.  First off, he’s an ENGLISH professor.  How does that qualify him to make such generalized comments about today’s youth?  Maybe if he was a sociology professor or a psychologist, but an English professor?

This guy has no clue what being young is like these days.  He claims that future generations are going to be screwed.  I agree with that, but not because of Facebook, MySpace, cell phones, and Blackberries (idiot).  There are plenty of individuals from my generation that are civic minded and aware of the world scene.  Just because not EVERYBODY is going to grow up to be a Senator or English professor does not mean that we should be labeled the “Dumbest Generation.”  Even among his generation of 50 somethings, there is a fair share of janitors, factory workers, general laborers, and other occupations necessary to make society functional.

In fact, I bet that of the people from his generation, most of them are NOT professors or doctors, and there are just as many middle age people running around drinking beer and smoking pot as there are in today’s generation.

I bet his problem is that he can’t see intelligent individuals among his students because they don’t stand out as being particularly of use to his own research on the Dumbest Generation.

And about his first comment, concerning Germany, Japan, Italy, and Russia…Italy was our ally at the latter part of WWII, so that answer should have also been acceptable along with Russia.  That test needs to have its construct validity challenged.

Single Female Lawyer!

20 05 2008

Is it acceptable to ask somebody a question, but only because the answer will determine how funny the joke inside my head about that person will end up being?

There is a former lawyer in my class, and she likes to talk and give her non-biased opinion about everything.  I want to ask if she is single so that whenever she talks I can say to myself “Single Female Lawyer!”

It’s a Futurama joke.

Either way, it is making me crack up every time she talks now…so I guess asking her the question now is irrelevant.

Summer School…for real, not that movie

20 05 2008

From 9 to 6 Monday through Friday, I’m in school.  Its only a three week session, which should make it bearable.  Don’t expect much from me while I’m getting through this.

The good thing?  The assignments are so minuscule compared to regular undergraduate work that I could probably knock them all out in one afternoon.  So thats my plan for this Friday.

Now what?

15 05 2008

Had my last 2 finals this morning.  I graduate tomorrow.  Now I’m home until the Grizzlie game tonight (Thirsty Thursdays = Dollar Beer), and I feel like I should be reading something, or working on a paper, or researching, yet I don’t have to do any of that.  I’m free of school until Monday.  3 days of not having to think about stuff.

Conveniently, as I have mentioned, it gets kicked off with Dollar Beers.

Honey Bees and 2012

6 05 2008

In doing some research from school, I came across an article (not on the internet, so there is no link) from 1978 which said that bee populations have been declining since the 1960’s.

Honey bee populations have been declining recently as well. We hear today about how bee populations are dropping, but I didn’t know it was going on for over 40 years.

Why? I think it has to do with 2012.

If the planet is experiencing magnetic changes because of our location on the Galactic Spiral (which way oversimplifies the whole event, I know), the bees would be the first creatures to feel it. Bees use the earths magnetic pole to “keep time,” so if magnetism was getting disrupted it could be contributing to the overall population decline.

8-5? WTF is that?

2 05 2008

I don’t think I have ever had a job with normal hours.

I’ve had jobs with shifts, but the shifts always varied in length and starting time. Like bagging groceries at various grocery stores, or pushing carts at Target, or doing whatever I did at K-Mart.

Maybe stocking shelves at night at Safeway counted, because that was 11pm-8am pretty consistently.

But I’m talking about a job that always starts at a certain time in the morning (like between 7am and 9am) and ends in the afternoon (between 4pm and 6pm).

When I was in the Navy, we always had to be in at Read the rest of this entry »