Search Engine Hilarity – what will happen if humans eat duck tape

9 05 2008

The sentence itself is so…calmly put.

what will happen if humans eat duck tape

Why wonder? Did this person eat duck tape?

Are they talking about tapeworms from ducks?

Why would a search for “duck” tape come to this site? Is Google assuming that most people are dumb enough to mean “duct” tape when they type “duck” tape?

Whats great is that the first thing on the list is the blog’s home page, not a specific post.

Search Engine Hilarity – duct tape for medicinal purposes

22 04 2008

It was bound to happen sooner or later.  All I’ve been able to use it for is hair removal.

Pissing for the DMV at a massage parlor

8 04 2008

The other day I had to go get a Department of Transportation physical examination done for work. I had to do it when I initially got hired back in the day, and apparently every two years a follow up is required. At least that’s what I’m going to assume, even though I know for a fact that either somebody lost my paperwork or never gave it to me, and I’ve been working without a valid DOT medical exam on file.

Oh well, I’m not the one that would have to pay that fine to the state.

The exam is basically a non-invasive physical. Read off an eye chart, get hit in the knee to test reflexes, repeat what the doctor whispered to you (hearing test), and so fourth.

This time, I had to give a urine sample as well. No big deal, I’ve given lots of those over the years, whether they wanted one or not.

Usually, when providing a urine sample, you are given a plastic cup with a lid and told to go fill it up. That’s pretty much standard procedure I would think.

So at the beginning of the exam, the doctor sits me down on a Read the rest of this entry »

Search Engine Hilarity – stop poo with duct tape

27 03 2008

Now there is an add slogan for duct tape if I ever saw one.

Also, now I can’t help but wonder if somebody actually tried to stop poo with duct tape.

Search Engine Hilarity – photos of alan autry with his shirt off

27 03 2008

Who the hell looks up shit like that?

It’s probably Autry Googling himself.

Furthermore, why does my site come up for that?

Search Engine Hilarity – olive oil in my rectum

24 03 2008

Oh yeah baby, you know thats how I like it.

One is dumb, one is disturbing.

17 03 2008

Noticed these two gems today in my Search Engine Terms.

is toyota camry good for big and tall men?

I don’t know, but the real question should be “Is big and tall men good for the internet?”

duct tape wheelchair grandpa

Somebody should call the police on this one…