Mark Bauerlein, I fart in your general direction!

25 07 2008

This guy is so full of himself.  First off, he’s an ENGLISH professor.  How does that qualify him to make such generalized comments about today’s youth?  Maybe if he was a sociology professor or a psychologist, but an English professor?

This guy has no clue what being young is like these days.  He claims that future generations are going to be screwed.  I agree with that, but not because of Facebook, MySpace, cell phones, and Blackberries (idiot).  There are plenty of individuals from my generation that are civic minded and aware of the world scene.  Just because not EVERYBODY is going to grow up to be a Senator or English professor does not mean that we should be labeled the “Dumbest Generation.”  Even among his generation of 50 somethings, there is a fair share of janitors, factory workers, general laborers, and other occupations necessary to make society functional.

In fact, I bet that of the people from his generation, most of them are NOT professors or doctors, and there are just as many middle age people running around drinking beer and smoking pot as there are in today’s generation.

I bet his problem is that he can’t see intelligent individuals among his students because they don’t stand out as being particularly of use to his own research on the Dumbest Generation.

And about his first comment, concerning Germany, Japan, Italy, and Russia…Italy was our ally at the latter part of WWII, so that answer should have also been acceptable along with Russia.  That test needs to have its construct validity challenged.


Google Street View

25 06 2008

Of all the coincidential shit to go down, this tops them all.

If you look at the Google Street View of my house, you’ll notice that my work vehicle is parked at the curb and my Jeep isn’t in the carport.

I’m not about to give out my address or a link, but if you know where I live you can check it out yourself.

What sucks is that this can prove I was NOT out with a student, but at home screwing around.  I’m assuming my boss does not spy on us via Google Street View, so I’m in no real danger of unemployment.  Hell, I’ve been violating the dress code right in front of him for the last three weeks, and he hasn’t said anything (I’m wearing open toed sandals to work, not sporting a nipple ring)

Anyway, this means that the Street View picture was taken on a specific day last summer.  That was the Friday that I had to drive my Jeep to work in the morning (as the Matrix was in the shop and my loaner car was reclaimed by its owners).

That day was also the last time I really drove the Jeep, because it was the day that the radiator blew out and I had to have it towed back home, where it has sat until a few months ago when we test drove it after installing a new starter (and not fixing the radiator, by the way).

So if I really wanted to, I could find out what day that was from the towing receipt.  Do I have the motivation to dig through stuff and investigate?  Absolutley not.

Wait, I remember now;  I was home around noon, playing Tropico, and a dark cloud overtook the street.  There were bright lights flashing from within the center as it moved silently and slowly from north to south.  That must have been the Googles.

Why 2020?

17 04 2008

Yeah, and we’ll also be living on the moon and driving hover cars. Whatever.

Personally, I like using a real keyboard. It’s called feedback. When I press a key, I know I pressed it. I can hear the clicking. It is what is letting me know I’m hitting the right keys. Yes, sometimes I know I hit the wrong key by sound alone.

Also, I prefer using a mouse. I cannot stand track pads, track balls, or any other lame mouse alternative.

About the only thing I I’ve found that is comparable to a mouse is the touch screen interface on iPhones or the iPod touch. The downside to those is typing on the flat surface, and of course the buttons are tiny, smaller then any appropriate typing appendage on my body.

And why do they predict 2020? Why not 2019 or 2018? Hell, in Back to the Future II they probably had stuff like that. For that matter, why can’t I watch 12 channels at once yet? Am I to believe that between now and 2015 technology is going take gigantic leaps and bounds?

And what’s the deal with Mr. Fusion? What’s stopping people from stuffing babies or small animals into that thing? It’s the perfect crime.

When will that “dust repellent paper” come out?

3 02 2008

I’m not thinking so much about paper though, but computer covers.

I remember when I (my parents) got my first computer in 1998. It was a huge investment ($2,500 at Best Buy!), it was top of the line (for about a month or so), and it was good looking (for the time). With the computer, they purchased some “dust covers” that were supposed to go over it.

It was three pieces, and each was made of some heavy, translucent plastic. There was a cover for the monitor, one for the keyboard, and one for the actual CPU. I guess the idea was to put the cover over the components when I wasn’t using it, because on the packaging it had a strict warning NOT to keep the covers on when in use.

Kind of like the warnings on those sun shades for car windshields that say “DO NOT OPERATE VEHICLE WHEN SHADE IS IN PLACE.

The thing is, there is NO WAY you could Read the rest of this entry »

Something rather innovative from Mac

15 01 2008

I’m normally against owning Mac computers, not because I’m one of those die hard PC enthusiasts, but because I’m just accustomed to using a PC with a Windows OS…and I like to have more then one mouse button.

However, if I were to get a new computer now, which I’m not because I just got a new one, it would totally be the MacBook Air. 


(Click here if you would rather not go to the self-riotous, pseudo hip Apple Store, but to Engadget)

My Other Sponsor…

1 01 2008

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Rather Uninspired

29 12 2007

We have returned from Arizona, and by the way Corinne and I went to Arizona for Christmas.

In AZ there was a bit of a reunion, as there were some friends there that I haven’t seen for a long while.  I wish there could have been more time spent with them, but we all had our own schedules since it was Christmas and all.

I must say that the only gift of any worth thus far would have to be my iPod Touch, with which I have already filled 4.5 out of 16 gigs.  That’s just my CD collection and a few assorted downloaded albums.  I have yet to upload many of Corinne’s CD’s, although I doubt I will be able to fill the other 10 or so gigs from that.  Like any woman, she likes womanly music, the likes of which I don’t need to hear.

Anyway, I spent at least 10 hours over the last few days uploading CD’s and hunting down the album art that iTunes couldn’t find on its own.   What’s funny is that a few of my CD’s would inspire iTunes to show album art that was either totally wrong or from some weird foreign release.  Does this happen a lot?  I never actually played around with iTunes until now, as I preferred WinAmp.  Yeah, I’m old school like that.

After having the iPod Touch for a few days now, it makes me really want an iPhone.  I’m pretty sure that was what Apple planned when they released the Touch, the idea being to market an iPhone teaser so people will be compelled to buy the one.  Then, when they release the new iPhone, everybody will be pissed for a few days then go purchase it.  I know I will be waiting for that next generation iPhone.  I heard it will have an espresso maker built in to it.