Me v. Man v. Food

16 04 2009

I was watching Man v. Food last night, specifically the episode where he eats and drinks his way through San Jose.

One challenge was at SmokeEaters Hot Wings.  Details inside.

I’m pretty sure I can handle that challenge.  In fact, I plan to.

The way I see it, he screwed himself when he got the sauce all over his face and hands.  Watch the episode, you’ll see what I mean.

This isn’t something I can just walk up to though.  It will require a few weeks of training.

To prepare, I went and got some “hot” salsa.  It claims to have three kinds of peppers in it.  Whatever.

I added Dat’l Do-it Habanero Heat Wave, Dave’s Insanity Sauce, El Yucoteco, Mad Anthony’s, and another secret ingredient.

Love.  I added Love.

I was considering grinding up some habanero peppers into a paste and adding it to the salsa, but that will be phase two.  Phase three involves me gargling with said raw habanero paste and holding it for five minutes.

Yes, I ate some of the salsa already.  No, I don’t feel well at all.


I’m on it

9 08 2008

Where have I been lately?  Whats with the lack of posts?  What am I watching on television right?

Home, been busy, and “Kraken:  Tentacles of the Deep.”

Actually I’m rather ashamed for the lack of posts.  I’ve been unofficially unemployed for about 3 weeks now, and I’ve been just sitting at home.  What have I been doing at home?  A little bit of home improvement and a lot of gaming.

I suppose I could have been writing in those three weeks, but just sitting around isn’t the best way to inspire myself.

Unfortunately, the gaming I’ve been doing has involved World of Warcraft.  I got a free trial CD in the mail, and now I’m hooked.  Those guys at Blizzard Entertainment really know how to draw in customers.  It’s like that free sample of crack the dealer gives out; It works in the long run.

Although I haven’t actually paid a cent to Blizzard yet, I plan on keeping my WoW account eventually.  My trial is up either today or tomorrow, I’m not sure.

Why do I say “eventually?”  Because tomorrow Corinne, our friends Joe and Takisha, and myself will be going to Las Vegas until Friday.  I don’t think it would be proper to sit at a resort in Vegas playing World of Warcraft.

The following week, I’ll be in Arizona for my 10 year high school reunion.  As my parents do not have internet access, playing WoW there is not possible.  If I’m lucky, sometimes I can access one of their neighbors WiFi, but the only place I get signal is in the living room by the side window.

When I get back from that, I’ll be starting up school again, this time student teaching.  I will see how much time I am able to devote to my level 5 Night Elf Warrior or my level 10 Dwarf Hunter, and update my WoW subscription accordingly.

By the time this happens, maybe I’ll have become addicted to heroin or crystal meth or something.  It doesn’t interfere in your life as much as World of Warcraft.

Whilst in Vegas I may or may not be Twittering, it depends on how intoxicated I stay.  And I’m not sure if being drunk means more or less Twittering either.  We’ll see.

I wanna party with these monkeys!

5 06 2008

Hard Times

14 05 2008

I’m driving down Blackstone Avenue, heading to downtown Fresno. I’m stopped at a red light on Olive Avenue, in the center lane.

A black Suburban, all chromed out, with some fancy looking rims stops next to me on my right. He is about 3 car lengths away from the car in front of him.

My radio is on pretty loud, and the guy tries to get my attention.

I turn down the volume, and the guy asks if I want “surround sound for my house.”

I say “No, thanks” and drive off, as the light has turned green while the guy was shouting his question to me.

Whats funny is that the guy was white, clean cut, and wearing a golf shirt.

Maybe its either sell his surround sound, or pawn his rims.

On the other hand, I’m sure it costs like $100 to fill up his gas tank at this point. Maybe he was on his way to the gas station down the street and needed some cash.

Land of the Acme Packers

20 02 2008
Below is a few notes I took about Wisconsin while I was there last summer.  I intended to turn this into the actual post about the trip, but instead I wrote Pork Chop Sandwiches, Grenades, and “Special” Bartenders

White people everywhere…even working at the gas stations! And at the gas stations, you are allowed to pump THEN pay.

An entire state built around an NFL team.

The Packers unite the entire state of Wisconsin into one large block of white (Anglo) cheese.

“Tonight, after the Packers game.”

Beer is cheaper then bottled water at the Piggly Wiggly.

They still have Piggly Wiggly’s.

Rather Uninspired

29 12 2007

We have returned from Arizona, and by the way Corinne and I went to Arizona for Christmas.

In AZ there was a bit of a reunion, as there were some friends there that I haven’t seen for a long while.  I wish there could have been more time spent with them, but we all had our own schedules since it was Christmas and all.

I must say that the only gift of any worth thus far would have to be my iPod Touch, with which I have already filled 4.5 out of 16 gigs.  That’s just my CD collection and a few assorted downloaded albums.  I have yet to upload many of Corinne’s CD’s, although I doubt I will be able to fill the other 10 or so gigs from that.  Like any woman, she likes womanly music, the likes of which I don’t need to hear.

Anyway, I spent at least 10 hours over the last few days uploading CD’s and hunting down the album art that iTunes couldn’t find on its own.   What’s funny is that a few of my CD’s would inspire iTunes to show album art that was either totally wrong or from some weird foreign release.  Does this happen a lot?  I never actually played around with iTunes until now, as I preferred WinAmp.  Yeah, I’m old school like that.

After having the iPod Touch for a few days now, it makes me really want an iPhone.  I’m pretty sure that was what Apple planned when they released the Touch, the idea being to market an iPhone teaser so people will be compelled to buy the one.  Then, when they release the new iPhone, everybody will be pissed for a few days then go purchase it.  I know I will be waiting for that next generation iPhone.  I heard it will have an espresso maker built in to it.

Black Butte, Ducks, and more Beer: Part III

10 10 2007

At halftime of the Oregon-Fresno game, it was decided that we would hit up the “beer garden,” as Fresno was down by entirely to many points for us to concern ourselves with the rest of the game.

When I got word of our inner-Autzen migration, I was standing where I had been for the first half, somewhere on the concourse. Joe called me from the entrance to the building we were to go to, and from where I was standing I could see him, so I figured I should get down there and join the group. I say “down there” because the concourse itself was raised up maybe two stories from the ground level, with not enough Read the rest of this entry »