30 04 2006

I am convinced that humans were not meant to sleep from the “usual” schedule of 10pm – 6am or whatever society generally dictates. And by society, I mean American society, because thats what I’m talking about. If anybody has ever been on a long term vacation (unemployment), or has had a period of life when your not responsible for anything, what was your sleep schedule like? Were you disciplined enough to go to bed before midnight every night and wake up with the rest of the workforce? Or were you progressively going to sleep later and later each night? Usually around 3 or 4 am you find yourself not tired enough to go to sleep, but you realize that you should go to sleep so you don’t sleep to late during the day. At least thats how it is for me.

The way I see it, humans are somewhat nocturnal. If it is natural to go to sleep right before sunrise, why do we force ourselves to start business at like 8 or 9am? In other countries, thats not the case all of the time, but its never quite as extreme as staying up until sunrise.

Since the time between 4am and noon is usually the coolest (temperature wise) part of the 24 hour cycle, thats when its easiest to sleep.

I propose that all “working hours” be moved from 12pm to 9pm. It would make the world that much less stressful.

And by “propose,” I mean that the 3 or 4 people that read my blog will have the idea suggested to them, then dismiss it as another one of Jason’s “loony ramblings.”


26 04 2006

The house across the street from mine is putting on a new roof. They have it stripped down to the beams, and there is a guy standing on whats left of the roof cutting them away. There is no front door, so through the opening I could see another Mexican guy standing on the floor, hitting the already cut beams with a rake, trying to knock them down. Crazy stuff.

My Orientation

26 04 2006


Lately, all the pop ups and ads that have been appearing around Myspace have been for gay websites and the like. Now that I think about it, its only been doing that since….last night. After MAGGIE and JANET were on my computer, which will automatically log onto Myspace under my account. Thinking and hoping I was more clever then them, I looked at my profile, and behold I was suddenly divorced and gay. Very cute Maggie and Janet. Very cute indeed.