Me v. Man v. Food

16 04 2009

I was watching Man v. Food last night, specifically the episode where he eats and drinks his way through San Jose.

One challenge was at SmokeEaters Hot Wings.  Details inside.

I’m pretty sure I can handle that challenge.  In fact, I plan to.

The way I see it, he screwed himself when he got the sauce all over his face and hands.  Watch the episode, you’ll see what I mean.

This isn’t something I can just walk up to though.  It will require a few weeks of training.

To prepare, I went and got some “hot” salsa.  It claims to have three kinds of peppers in it.  Whatever.

I added Dat’l Do-it Habanero Heat Wave, Dave’s Insanity Sauce, El Yucoteco, Mad Anthony’s, and another secret ingredient.

Love.  I added Love.

I was considering grinding up some habanero peppers into a paste and adding it to the salsa, but that will be phase two.  Phase three involves me gargling with said raw habanero paste and holding it for five minutes.

Yes, I ate some of the salsa already.  No, I don’t feel well at all.


Fresno TEA bagging

15 04 2009

There was a TEA party in Fresno today, at the SaveMart parking lot.  I drove past it as I was leaving campus.

I was on campus to get a TB skin test, which I need to work for any school district, by the way.

I don’t get why people are so against paying taxes.  If the government wants to take a few more dollars out of every paycheck to make things better, that’s great.

I don’t feel as though I’m taxed so heavily right now that a few more dollars is going to make a difference.  In fact, from what I’ve noticed, I generally get a hefty tax refund back every year.  I look forward to it.

The only tax that actually bothers me is the recent hike in cigarette prices.  Over $6 for a pack?  That’s crazy.

Paying an extra few bucks every now and then for the good of the nation?  That sounds like a good idea.

It seems as though the TEA parties were organized by conservatives to protest rising taxes.  The Right is SO American that they are rebelling against taxation, just like the Founding Fathers did back in the day.

Next thing you know they will be slaughtering Native Americans and buying African slaves just because they can.

I mean, fuck, man.  It’s just a few dollars.

It’s not like there is any sort of law that requires us to pay taxes.

Oh crap…never mind.