Truth? Conspiracy? Lunacy?

31 08 2007

Check out this film, its almost 2 hours, might take a while to download, but I found it quite interesting.

It’s divided into three parts, and honestly I skipped the middle part because it was about 9/11 conspiracies (which bore me to death, as important as they may be).


Vibram Five Fingers

29 08 2007

I MUST have these shoes.

There is no debate on how they look or how impractical they may be.  I MUST have them.

The CSU Fresno Whore

29 08 2007

Tuesdays and Thursdays I have an 11am class. Yesterday was the first session of said class, and I figured I would arrive early to find a parking spot. Not a good spot, just a space to leave my car for an hour and fifteen minutes.

I made my way to the campus only to find that EVERY parking lot was full, and the traffic cops were not allowing anybody in to the lots, not even to look for a spot at their own risk.

This is something of a dilemma. Where the hell were us students supposed to park? You can’t just park on the roads, as they are all red curbed. Its not like there are places around the school to park, as it is surrounded by freeways, corn fields, vineyards, stadiums and whatnot.

There is one small neighborhood on the south side, behind all the Read the rest of this entry »

Return from the Great Southwest

26 08 2007

Saturday night I got back from Arizona.

And for those of you that don’t know, last Wednesday I went to Arizona.

I was in my parents bathroom Thursday morning, and I needed to use a baby wipe after doing whatever it is that makes you need to use one of those. Fortunately, they have two boxes available for use.

I opened the top box, and as I was reaching for a wipe, I thought about the words I saw on top of the lid. Something didn’t sit right. I closed the box and read the top again.

“Preparation H”

Good thing I can read.

Also, my parents have in their bathroom one of my Read the rest of this entry »

Pork Chop Sandwiches, Grenades, and “Special” Bartenders

20 08 2007

Wisconsin is truly one of this fine nations greatest tributes to alcoholism.

Never before have I been to such a place where the average citizen’s primary means of of acquiring beer, drinks, food, entertainment, and socialization comes from the corner bar, tavern, or pub.

If I were to move to Wisconsin, I would surely become an alcoholic.

Probably not though, because I wouldn’t go to meetings, so technically I would just be a “drunk.”

We started the night out with a place called Read the rest of this entry »

Checks, a plunger, and Yoo-Hoo.

18 08 2007

No, this isn’t a post about my adventures in Wisconsin. Somebody has yet to transfer the pictures from the camera to the computer, so I haven’t been able to publish anything concerning the Midwest.

Have no fear, those Wisconsin photos will be up soon.

Yesterday, when I got off work, I had two tasks I needed to accomplish before I was done for the day. I had to deposit my most recent series of student loan checks, and buy a toilet plunger for the house.

Both of these tasks created minor problems that had to be overcome before completion, the kind of minor problems that drive me crazy but would not even phase other people. Its just how I am.

Before the loan checks could be deposited, I had to Read the rest of this entry »

Return from the Great Midwest

16 08 2007

Corinne and I are back from Wisconsin. Unfortunately, I have to go to work today and tomorrow, so I’ll post something about the Summer of 2007 Wisconsin tour at some point this week.

I would like to thank Ryan for his house sitting contributions, as well as Nicole for her house sitting contributions, which includes a new coffee pot that I hope she will forget to take with her as she leaves for another adventure later today.