Stupid Names

9 09 2005

Having spent the last 2 weeks (well, four days out of those two weeks) at a Junior High School, I am now officially sick of the names that parents have been giving their kids for the last 15 years or so.

When I was a kid, all the guys were Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Robert, Michael, Anthony, Joseph, Frank, Christopher, Richard, or some other such Biblical-ish name or just a name. Not a word, but a name. There was me, but I was always the exception. Thanks Mom.

My kids are going to be made fun of big time, just because they will have NORMAL names.

And you don’t count Liberty, your Mexican. And the only Liberty I know.

I just thought of a good name! How about Bur…dur…her…her…amin? Or perhaps it should start with a vowel, so your forced to unnaturally stress your voice at the start of the name.



6 09 2005

If any of you know me, you know the special connection I had to Gilligan. Not Bob Denver, but Gilligan himself.

I am truly sad that Gilligan had to die. Of course the only reason I know this is because two people have posted stuff about him…and Corinne told me…I have yet to do any research myself into the matter. For all I know, he is still alive and being hit over the head with Alan Hale’s large, black, pseudo-captains hat.

Honestly, Maynard G. Krebs can rot for all I care.

RIP Little Buddy