I am busy, godammit.

9 04 2008

Graduation is upon us (well, me at least), and it’s down to the final stretch.

This final stretch is a gauntlet of poison arrows, giant axes swinging back and fourth, and probably a bunch of ugly naked people.

April 10th

8am Philosophy 120 class canceled (That’s a good thing though)

-Turn in my research progress for History 188, which is a BINDER of “TPS reports” (Like from Office Space) detailing what I’ve looked at, where I found it, how useful it is to the overall project, and so forth.

Midterm #3 in Linguistics 10

April 11th

Book review on the Richard Townsend book The Aztecs due for Philosophy 2.

April 14th

-Final Rough Draft due for History 100, which is at least 15 pages.

-Presentation on the Richard Townsend book The Aztecs at 11:00-11:30

April 15th

-Morpheme analysis for Dinosaurs due for Linguistics 10

April 19-21

-Being peer pressured into going camping

April 29th

-8 to 10 page paper on the Sassoun Massacre due for Armenian History 108b (I have yet to even start this)

May 5th

-Final draft due for History 100

May 6th

-Final analysis paper on Dinosaurs due for Linguistics 10

May 15th

-The final kick in the nuts for my last semester of undergraduate coursework: Three final exams, all of which from the three classes that actually give hard tests. I only have four actual exams as it is, and the other one is on May 12th…but that’s not really going to be a hard test.

Putting everything into perspective, it’s not that bad really. Maybe I was stressing out for nothing.

Either way, I need to actually do some work now, lest I get caught up doing internet bullshit for the rest of the night.




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10 04 2008


11 04 2008

ummmm…..I SAID you don’t HAVE to go Camping!! =op

11 04 2008

You’ll be fine you always make it through.

14 04 2008
Joe Drinker

He he…who gets stressed out about camping?

28 08 2017

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