Economics is the biggest waste of time

2 10 2006

Did you know that households earn money to buy goods and services from businesses? That money is then put towards the running of the company, for profit, upkeep, purchases, and employee wages. Those wages are then paid to the households, who use it to buy goods and services to the product market (which is a fancy econ term for businesses).

My God, why are people even taking notes on this shit?

A very rough draft of a paper I’m working on

2 10 2006

Why is it that intelligent people are criticized for being intelligent? If an intelligent person decides to incorporate an idea, symbol, or concept into their life or personality, why do people that don..t understand it think that the intelligent person is being condescending, pompous, or big-headed?

Why must this intelligent person be forced to adapt to idiots in order to fit in with everybody else? Back in the day, intelligence was seen as a positive trait. The term ..village idiot.. has a negative connotation. Notice how there is no co Read the rest of this entry »