The Nicole

30 11 2007

I present to you “The Nicole,” one of the tastiest sandwiches every created in my own kitchen.

A ciabatta sandwich roll piled high (not really “high,” but piled nevertheless) with salami, provolone cheese, olives, topped off with tomato-basil pesto and baked for about 7 minutes at 350 degrees.

The sandwich is baked open-faced, so if you need to add anything (lettuce, fried eggplant, etc) the sky is the limit.

Happy Birthday Nicole, I hope you enjoy your sammich.

Or, I hope you can at least enjoy the pictures, as the sandwich is gone now, gone to the nether regions of my colon, where it will be rinsed out someday soon.

Also, here is the stove and adjacent cabinets and counter space. If you look close, you can see that bottle of olive oil purchased at the organic farmers market in Sicily, as well as an assortment of IKEA utensils, and don’t forget that coffee maker you left with us.

And here is Montecore and the camera bag, just to remind Corinne to make sure that in the future, the photos she uploads to Flickr should all be relevant to the photo set. In other words, I don’t know why Montecore is hidden among a bunch of sammich pictures.


Happy Birthday to Me

29 11 2007

I figured since tomorrow is my 27th birthday, I should spoil myself.

For a mere $75, I had a woman insert a well-lubed plastic tube into my rectum and massage my abdomen for 45 minutes.

Oddly enough, she had a college degree that allowed her to do this.

What I’m talking about, of course, is colon hydrotherapy, otherwise known as a “high colonic.”

It is true that most people carry pounds of unusable and toxic fecal matter in their colons, and no doubt mine is full of some of the nastiest fecal matter around. I thought it was high time I got rid of some of it.

So here is how it goes down:

First, you Read the rest of this entry »

Great Movie Quotes

21 11 2007


Does anybody besides me remember that one?

Search Engine Hilarity – Why are Europeans such assholes?

21 11 2007

I don’t think anybody knows the answer to that one.

Search Engine Hilarity – rellano monkey dance

21 11 2007

Enough said.

I wonder what this person was searching for.

Why Write?

11 11 2007

“Why write posts when I can be busy with other stuff that I really would rather not be doing?”

“That’s what I’m saying.”

2007 Web Blog Awards

2 11 2007

Feel free to click on this text so that you may be directed to the 2007 Web Blog Award site.

I’m voting for Pinch My Salt for best food blog, as should the rest of you.  You will be rewarded with cookies, meatloaf, and other such food items.  More specifically, you will be rewarded the recipes for such items.

You can vote once per day until the deadline, which is November 8th or 9th.  I forget which one.

In other words, if you read this and have no opinion about who wins the award, do me a favor and vote for Pinch My Salt.

Thanks for your support.

Alas, this blog was not able to get into the final round for my various categories.  Apparently, the other blogs I was up against are more relevant and topical.  Whatever that means.