The first party I went to where I felt old.

29 10 2007

So that costume I mentioned earlier turned out well, I wore it with pride, and there are pictures of the evening in question on Flickr.

And if you didn’t already know, you can get to that particular Flickr account by clicking anywhere on the Flickr sidebar in the bar on the side.

I won’t mention much about the costume, it pretty much explains itself.

The party we went to, however, made me feel Read the rest of this entry »

Thank you again, Internets

26 10 2007

Would anybody do this?

I would, so long as I could live in the forest for the rest of my life.

Thank you, The Internets

26 10 2007


25 10 2007

I was thirsty, so I got some water and put it in my 32 ounce Nalgene bottle.

I drank from the 32 ounce mark down to the 24 ounce mark in a few gulps.  Realizing what I had done, I started drinking again, this time getting down to the 12 ounce mark in 3-4 gulps.

Then I thought about how I just drank twelve ounces of liquid without even struggling.  Then I thought about how much beer I’m known to drink.

The only problem is, beer is cold and bubbly.

So next time I drink, I’m going to make sure the beer is room temperature and flat.

Then again, maybe the reason beer is supposed to be cold and carbonated is so it won’t get gulped down two quickly.


It is a shame this guy DIDN’T die

23 10 2007

I hope he is to dumb to breed.

If you need something, now’s the time to ask

22 10 2007

Today I had three midterm exams. Normally, tests don’t mean crap to me, and I pretty much blow the thought of them off (and still get at least a “B”). For some reason, I was actually worried about these tests. Probably because this is the first time I have actually had this many midterms on the same day, and all in a row for that matter, AND they were from classes that don’t give any tests other than the midterm and final.

After taking the tests, I do not feel as worried, but that doesn’t mean I think I aced them or anything. I’m just glad they are over with.

Some of you other “educated” people out there might think Read the rest of this entry »

Such an absolute waste of a day

21 10 2007

As I mentioned earlier, yesterday was to be packed full of events. And it was, more than 12 hours of comings, goings, drinkings, smokings, and eatings.

I don’t have a play by play, because it’s not really interesting enough to warrant such coverage. Don’t get me wrong, it all qualifies as “good times,” but I think it would be presumptuous of me to assume you all need to read about it down to the last detail.

Fresno State beat San Jose (30 – 0), there was lots of beer and rum being consumed (by me, at least), there was some dinner and more beer at Wahoo’s Fish Taco (I’m sure they are everywhere else, but I’ve never heard of it until one recently opened up in Fresno), than there was more beer and liquor at Joe’s Bar, topped off with a custom-ordered girl named Sylvia.

As with any custom ordered product, the final results were Read the rest of this entry »