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22 10 2007

Today I had three midterm exams. Normally, tests don’t mean crap to me, and I pretty much blow the thought of them off (and still get at least a “B”). For some reason, I was actually worried about these tests. Probably because this is the first time I have actually had this many midterms on the same day, and all in a row for that matter, AND they were from classes that don’t give any tests other than the midterm and final.

After taking the tests, I do not feel as worried, but that doesn’t mean I think I aced them or anything. I’m just glad they are over with.

Some of you other “educated” people out there might think that three midterms in one day is no big deal. Well, to me it is muthafucka. This is my fifth year of school, and like I said, this is the first time it has happened. Maybe I got lucky up until now, but either way its over so forget about it.

Speaking of Halloween next week, we are to attend some sort of official party this Saturday. (Although I’d rather go to the Fresno v Boise State game instead, but don’t tell Corinne….crap, she reads this, doesn’t she? Forget I said anything.)

In the spirit of getting into the…spirit…of things, I have already chosen a costume.

That’s right, it is the Emperor of Evil (plus size adult version, of course).

However, I will not be playing the role of the Emperor of Evil, as it looks like to much like a Skeletor knock off (with less flair, of course). I will, however, be using the robe, cloak/hood, and possibly the medallion (it’s too PIMP to not use) in an effort to create a sort of immoral wizard. Not an evil wizard, just one with moral flexibilities. I’m not going for Gandalf the White, nor will I be attempting Saruman the Many Colored. Just a plain, ordinary, neutral wizard, perhaps one that is on his way to becoming evil if he is pushed over the edge. Huh ha ha ha. It’s like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder etc.

Either way, I need to acquire some other accessories. I plan on buying a decent sword, a neat leather belt, and maybe a pouch to hang from the belt so I can store my magic items (cigarettes, lighter, flask, grappling hook, etc).

I want to get a cool wizards staff, but there is no local magic emporium to browse through. And the staffs at the costume stores are pretty crappy as it is.

I will also be turning my hair gray somehow, as well as my facial hair and probably most of my body hair so it will match. And I mean all of it.

As our lives are no longer private, expect to see pictures of the completed costume, as well as everybody else’s costumes. If I don’t post them, they will end up on Flickr one way or another.





7 responses

23 10 2007
Joe Drinker

How funny – I immediately thought of Skeletor! I wonder what else is lurking around in my memory bank. Looking forward to pictures…

23 10 2007

Hmm, I was with you till you got to the, and I quote, “I plan on buying a decent sword, a NEAT leather belt…..” After that, I just substituted you in with Jerry Mathers as the Beaver. I hope you don’t mind.

23 10 2007

Your costume sure sounds swell!

24 10 2007

The Fresno v. Boise is on Friday Night… And your pouch sounds more like a purse.

24 10 2007

Yeah Janet, your boyfriend would just adore it.

9 01 2008

And another thing, how is a pouch hanging from my belt like a purse?

12 04 2011

I’m glad that I’ve found your macgyversrollofducttape.wordpress.com site. I’m so amazed by your way of thinking and writing. Have you thought about writing a book?

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