The limo ride

30 06 2007

Last night I attended my Godsons first birthday party. Like any good first birthday party, there was cake, lots of people, a bounce house boxing ring, and a keg.

After things were winding down after 1am (I guess that’s what time it was), I ended up taking a bit of a nap on the Read the rest of this entry »


Search Engine Hilarity – The best one so far

30 06 2007

If you Google urinate few Read the rest of this entry »

“smart” phone

26 06 2007

I recently got a T-Mobile Dash, which is classified as a “smart” phone.

Below are my 3 reasons as to why it should be re-classified as a “retarded” phone.

  1. It is not capable of downloading ring tones, wallpapers, or applications from T-Mobile.

Big Ass Table v 3.1

23 06 2007

I can’t wait for the future, its gonna be so tight!

Yeah, and the big ass Read the rest of this entry »

Upgrade your ram for 3 pence? Part II

22 06 2007

In the last year, my father acquired my sisters old computer after she got a new one. A hand-me-UP, I suppose.

Anyway, we were visiting my parents in Arizona, so I set up the computer for him. By the way, they had already waited something like 4 months for a visit from me so I could set it up. Don’t ask why my sister didn’t just set it up, or have one of her teenage children do it for her.

It was a 2000-ish “e-Machine”. Not a bad computer when it came out, and it was still working well enough in 2006-2007 for whatever purposes my father had in mind. Surely he wasn’t planning on Read the rest of this entry »

Search Engine Hilarity – flaming bowel

22 06 2007

I’m proud to announce that if you Google “flaming bowel,” this blog is the first thing on the list.

Thank you, Google. You just made my day. Read the rest of this entry »

Upgrade your ram for 3 pence?

21 06 2007

When will old people realize that knowing how to do tasks on computers, nay, computers in general, are not a big deal.

I was given some sort of top of the line computer in 1998 (Senior year of high school), it was a 386 with a Pentium (1) processor. It ran Windows 3.1. At the time, it was the shit.

Now, it is worthless, if it still exists. It was probably melted down years ago by the pawn shop I sold it to.

When I got it, my parents were amazed that I had unpacked it, set it up, and was able to play solitaire and minesweeper (can anybody ACTUALLY play minesweeper though?) in under 20 minutes. They thought I was some sort of computer genius.

Since I got my first computer, my parents were Read the rest of this entry »