Burn Baby Burn Revolutionary Hot Sauce

1 06 2007

Initally, there is no real flavor, just heat.   Not a substantial amount of heat, just but enough to keep me interested. 

After a while, there is a fair amount of heat being maintained in my mouth and throat.  The flavor has finally come though, and it is the best flavor I’ve had so far.

Later on, the heat stays in my throat and mouth.  I can really feel it when I swallow, it almost creates a brand new level of burn.  This one made me sweat for sure.

Overall:  This stuff is pretty hot and has a great burn.  I put a drop on my tongue prior to the burger, and it created  a spot of pure burn on my tongue exactly the size of the drop.  I think this stuff has the potential to be lethal.

I’ve already mentioned this sauce, and it is still my favorite.  I have been putting it on everything (I went and bought another bottle),  including a nice rice bowl with Thai Curry Chicken.  The Thai curry flavor went well with the sauce.  It didn’t mask the heat, and provided a good, creamy vehicle for the flavor.

Unfortunatly, there is no more bread in the house to put my Boca Burgers on.  I’m taking that as a sign to stop eating them.  It’s been about 2 solid months of Boca Burger lunches, so maybe it is time for a change.

Maybe I’ll switch back to MeatLoaf Sangwiches.




2 responses

1 06 2007

Hey. A friend and I have started up a new food site called foodr. It’s a social network for food lovers. Come on over and join, you can upload hot sauce photos and start a hot sauce discussion in the forum. We just started it and aren’t going to be advertising it for a while but I’m asking a few people to check it out while it’s in development 🙂


20 10 2017

I can’t find this sauce anywhere anymore, do you?…

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