School’s out for summer….wait….nevermind.

18 08 2004

I saw an infomercial for Christianity just now. Thats silly. Jesus was more of a billboard guy.

Corinne and Janet

3 08 2004

Somehow, Janet has Corinne’s keys this morning, so I have to get the keys from Janet and deliver Corinne’s car to her at work, which in it self I don’t mind but I don’t like the change in my daily routine of waking up, eating, showering, and going to work. Now, today, its wake up early, look for Corinne’s keys, watch her take MY car to work, shower, eat, type, wait for Janet, take Corinne’s car to work, and drive my car back, then go to work myself. I love Corinne so much. She’s adorable.

I woke up early. Dammit.

1 08 2004

It is Sunday, my only day off, and I woke up early. I began to read a book I’ve read many times before, only to hide it when she came in the room so as not to explain to her what it is. I did anyway.