Jumping the Gun

31 05 2007

You can now subscribe to this blog via an RSS feed or through email.

The links are on the top of the sidebar on the main page, in case you haven’t noticed.

Some of you would say: “Why bother?”

I agree. But it keeps you, the reader, from having to Read the rest of this entry »


Ernest “goes” to Camp?

31 05 2007

Why is it called “Ernest GOES to Camp?” Its not like he “went” to camp as a camper, he worked there as the camp grounds keeper/handyman/buffoon.

After all, the other movies are named correctly, aren’t they?

Ernest “saves” Christmas? Indeed, he does save Christmas.

Ernest “goes” to Jail? Truthfully, he does go to jail.

Ernest “scared” Stupid? Yes, Read the rest of this entry »

Who is that guy?

31 05 2007

Over the years, I have seen a homeless (I’m assuming) guy on a fairly predictable route, carrying a garbage bag full of whatever. Maybe its clothes? Maybe its cans and bottles? Maybe its the remains of his shattered dreams…

It started when I used to deliver pizza, and this guy would always Read the rest of this entry »


30 05 2007

I was talking to somebody about the “#” the other day, because we knew that the “&” was called “ampersand.” Then we were wondering what the real name for the pound symbol was.

As it turns out, the “pound” symbol has many names. One is Read the rest of this entry »

Jan Terri

30 05 2007

Be sure to check out the new Jan Terri Page, its loaded full Jan Terri Goodness.

I know that the Jan Terri videos started appearing around the internet a few years back, but since Read the rest of this entry »

Triumphant Return

28 05 2007

I (as well as everybody involved) have returned from our Memorial Day Weekend excursion to “the cabin.”

3 days of swimming, off-roading, eating, drinking, smoking, and general hilarity.

Also, there were two separate occasions of cleaning dog vomit out of the bed of the truck. El Chupacabra really needs get used to riding back there.

New Drink: “Screaming Read the rest of this entry »

Mad Anthony’s XXXTRA HOT Private Reserve Hot Sauce

25 05 2007

Right away, this sauce is quite hot. It is hotter then anything I’ve had so far. There isn’t much flavor, but I blame that on the Boca Burger overpowering whatever flavor there may be.

Halfway through the burger, its still hot, and the heat is rising. I can taste and feel the chunks of peppers, pimentos, and even some chili seeds.

Afterwards, my Read the rest of this entry »